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        Guangzhou City of Arts and Machinery Co., Ltd. was established as the predecessor of the first in 1999, in 2007 officially registered. Is China's first high-altitude work in the equipment manufacturers and import and export agents.         
        The company set research and development, production, sale, leasing through-train service, the company has 10 years of aluminum scaffolding and aluminum mast column lift design and manufacturing experience, with experienced team of professional designers, to provide you with all types of works scaffolding and aerial work Puzzle best solution. Since the company has a scaffolding and high-altitude equipment factory. The main lift LEADER brand multi-function plate button aluminum scaffolding, the new fast-moving mobile scaffolding, fiberglass insulation work frame, material lifting lifts, mast column lift platform, electric self-propelled spider machine (agent) Scissor-type load-lifting platform, mobile lifting operation lifting platform, aluminum construction support system, such as template ....... mechanical equipment. It is the best mobile climbing operation for building, electricity, transportation, logistics, property, factory, warehouse, gas station, power station, station, hotel, shopping mall, supermarket, etc. High-altitude operation maintenance, decoration, advertisement replacement Equipment and equipment. For you and your business to bring more efficiency and more returns.